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a little about us.


how it all started.

13 years ago, eThereLIVE founder Nathan Kordyjaka was tasked by his family to find a way for their extended family in Florida to watch their Grandfather's funeral in Toronto. Back then there were no YouTubeLive or FaceTime options. After hacking his way through using Skype, Nathan knew there must be a better way. Shortly after eThereLIVE was formed. 

eThereLIVE started by offering hassle free video streams for special events. As technology progressed, virtual and hybrid events became more the norm and eThereLIVE was on the cutting edge. 

In 2020, the demand for eThereLIVE services was overwhelming. In order to keep up with demand eThereLIVE was acquired by Soundbox, a live event production company. This acquisition bolstered the already impressive technical capabilities of Soundbox and eThereLIVE and allowed them to become a one-stop-shop for all things event digital streaming in Hamilton, Niagara, the GTA, and beyond.


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