Well, better late than never right? YouTube has countered Facebook Live with a gradual rollout of a live button in the mobile app on phones and tablets. 

Channels with 10k+ subscribers will be the first to get mobile live streaming, with a specific ETA of "soon" for the rest of us.

The wait does come with some pretty cool features including a B&W camera feed during preview that changes to color to signal you're live, a microphone mute, even live filters.

The rollout also comes with a new revenue stream for the popular folks, Super Chat. When you're live streaming, subscribers and fans will be able to chat in while they watch in kind of a Periscope-looking layout with chat bubbles over top of the video. But, SUPER CHAT allows anyone watching the stream to pay for their comment or message to be pinned to the top of the chat window for up to 5 hours. So if you need to have that streamer know you're there, throw a couple bucks their way and stand out from the crowd.

SO - is it too little too late? 

Only time will tell. The gradual roll-out will hopefully allow YouTube's top creators to set some sort of a precedent for quality of content. Can you imagine if the just unleashed this thing on everyone, how much crap would be clogging up your feed? I'm assuming this is an attempt to allow the app to prove it's value before being crapped on by your weird uncle that like to live stream himself reacting to the Grammy performances.