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stream like a champion.

Sporting Event

Live sports broadcast

From full broadcast production to global live stream delivery of your control room program feed, eThereLIVE delivers mission critical sporting events throughout North America. We've had the pleasure of being the live stream experts behind sporting events of all kinds. When it comes to delivering live content to fans locally, nationally or globally, you need a provider with killer redundancy and reliability. We leverage the live platform that best suits your event and your audience. Build your event today!

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Full Production

On Site Tech Support Icon

On-Site Technical Support

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Unlimited Viewers World Wide

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Platform Support & Set Up

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Coordinated Custom Graphics

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CDN Integration

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Local HD Recording

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Backup Internet On-Site

  • Full Production - From pre-production to post-production. From live streaming to lighting and audio. eThereLIVE and our parent company Soundbox have got all your needs covered.

  • Platform Support & Set-Up - We provide an easy to access, reliable platform for any stream.

  • CDN Integration – HD encoding to any existing Content Delivery Network (CDN) you already have.

  • On Site Technical Support - Avoid problems and resolve them quickly if they pop up with our team of tech experts.

  • Coordinated Custom Graphics - Fill the in-person event and screen with artistic assets provided by you and/or produced by our fantastic creative team.

  • Local HD Recording - Go from live-on-air to on-demand almost instantly with a high-definition recording of the event straight from our control room.

  • Unlimited Viewers World Wide - Don’t limit yourself to local channels. Use the streaming advantage to reach anyone in the world with an internet connection.

  • Monetize – Pay-per-view events require quality and support. Our redundancy workflows help ensure your viewers get what they paid for and come back for more.

  • Backup Internet On-Site - We provide a backup internet source to make sure that your stream won’t get bogged down by technical glitches.

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International Canoe Federation Championship Quote

“The quality of the live stream from our event has set a new standard for our sport, and will present a significant challenge to future event hosts who hope to match the service provided by eThereLIVE.”

— R. Dalton, General Manager, J & U21 Canoe Sprint World Championships


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