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Frequently Asked Questions

What are virtual/hybrid events?

virtual event is an event where the attendees gather and participate in a specific online space at a specific time, often involving elements such as live video feeds and chat functions. Virtual events can differ in scale from a small handful of people to a potential audience of millions, in the balance of pre-recorded content vs. live content, and also in the amount of interaction between the different parties involved such as hosts, talent, and audience members.

Hybrid events, combine this online experience with traditional in-person event elements. For more on hybrid events, please consult our resources page.

How do streaming events work?

Streaming or digital events are all about bringing content and interaction to an audience via an online platform. In the development stages, this means gathering or building any pre-recorded content or graphics, rehearsing live elements, building out a platform for guests to access these materials, and sending out invitations with information on how to access the platform. Once that's done, it's time to broadcast! This is when your content is made available on the platform to your audience at a scheduled time for them to enjoy.

Are virtual/hybrid events here to stay?

Absolutely! The COVID-19 pandemic may have fundamentally shifted how events were produced but it’s a shift many companies and individuals are planning on making permanent. Far from simply surviving, many events experienced exponential growth as a virtual or digital event and are likely to remain that way going forward. Additionally, other events are transitioning to a hybrid model with the re-emergence of in-person gatherings as there is now an expectation to provide a quality virtual or online option if an individual cannot physically attend. The broad shift towards online interactions driven by the pandemic also gave people a new comfort level with the types of technology used for virtual/hybrid events. Individuals that may not have known about things like Zoom or Skype are now familiar with them and can use them with ease. When combined with ever improving internet technology, virtual/hybrid events have become more accessible and reliable than ever. It is for these reasons and more that virtual/hybrid events will continue to be the norm in the years ahead.

What kind of companies have streaming events?

Any company that wants to. We have worked with clients of every stripe from small businesses looking to stream an internal meeting to professional groups presenting multi-day webinars to sports organizations looking to broadcast competitions and much more! Streaming events are nothing if not adaptable and, as such, can fulfill a near endless amount of needs no matter what a company is or does.

Are virtual/hybrid events effective?

For sure! The only significant difference in the effectiveness between a traditional in-person event and a virtual or hybrid event are the ways in which they are effective. Put simply, these events offer different experiences much in the same way a TV audience will experience a sporting event differently than the crowd in the stands. As a consequence, they also offer different ways of being engaging and effective. For instance, virtual/hybrid events can keep audience members engaged through things like live chat, polls, on-demand content, and gamification. This said, like any event, the better planned and executed a virtual or hybrid event is, the more effective it will be. That's where we come in!

Where can I stream an event?

Anywhere that can host streaming video. This could include social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, by-invitation video chatting services like Zoom or Microsoft Teams, more robust options like PheedLoop, EventMobi, Hopin, and more! You can also connect streaming video to a new or existing web page for a custom look and easy access.

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