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you have to be there.

Live Event

Top shelf production values
all under one roof.

There will always be something special about being at a 'live' event. Something special is in the air when people gathering together. eThereLIVE's parent company Soundbox has been providing audio, lighting, video, and staging on live events for over 20 years. Under one roof we can seamlessly provide your live production as well as providing an online stream of the event. Our team will work as one to achieve your event's vision. Get started today!

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In Person A/V

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Staging and Lighting Systems

Any Platform Icon.png

Delivery on any Platform

Platform Support Icon.png

Platform Support & Set Up

Unified Tech Team.png

Unified Technical Team

Tech Support Icon.png

On-Site Technical Support

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Custom Set Design

Extensive Inventory Icon.png

Extensive Inventory

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Pre-Production Services

  • In Person A/V - Our parent company Soundbox has spent decades in the live event business and can provide you with industry leading production.

  • Platform Support & Set-Up - Let us build out the platform of your event to make streaming and viewing a breeze.

  • Custom Set Design - Take control of the look of your live event with a custom design. Simply outline your vision and we’ll do the rest.

  • Staging and Lighting Systems - Set up your live event from anywhere with our portable staging and lighting systems.

  • Unified Technical Team - With years of experience, the eThereLIVE and Soundbox teams have plenty of practice working in tandem to create amazing experiences.

  • Extensive Inventory - Take advantage of our vast inventory to make sure the right tools for the job are at your event.

  • Delivery on Any Platform - Bring the live experience to any streaming platform you want!

  • On-Site Technical Support - Stuff happens. When it does you can be assured that our team of experts can get you back on track in no time.

  • Pre-Production Services – Graphics. Video editors. Speaker prep. We support you ahead of the event to ensure you have a great experience as well.

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TD Bank Quote

"eThereLIVE supported multiple virtual and live events that impacted over 5000 employees across the organization."

— D. Montgomery, Senior Manager TD Bank


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