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eThereLive to Provide Production Facilities for the 49th Parallel Cup on CBC

Toronto, ON – eThereLive, a leading live streaming production company, is proud to announce that it will be providing the broadcast production facilities for the upcoming 49th Parallel Cup for AFL Canada. The game, a highly anticipated battle between Canada and the USA, will take place on August 13th, and will be broadcast live to Canadian footy fans by major broadcaster CBC.

The broadcast will be available on AFL Canada's YouTube channel as well as CBC’s various platforms including, the CBC Sports app, CBC Gem, and the CBC Sports YouTube channel.

"After a two-year hiatus due to COVID-19, our team is excited to work with AFL Canada once again to produce great coverage of the Parallel Cup" says Nathan Kordyjaka, President of eThereLive.

"Aussie football presents some unique challenges given the vast size of the field of play, therefore the venues are generally more remote with very little infrastructure, if any," continues Kordyjaka. "We'll be deploying multiple 5G carriers bonded into a single robust internet connection to send the program feed back to our Control Room in Hamilton Ontario for final distribution to both CBC and YouTube." The game continues to build on eThereLIVE's impressive resume of live sport productions.

The 49th Parallel Cup will be broadcast from 3-5pm on August 13th, making it a must-see event for Canadian and American footy fans

For more information on the 49th Parallel Cup, please visit the AFL Canada website at

Image courtesy of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation 2022

About eThereLIVE

eThereLIVE is the Streaming division of Soundbox located in Hamilton, ON, Canada. For over 10 years, eThereLIVE has been a one-stop-shop for all things event digital streaming in Hamilton, Niagara, the GTA, and beyond.


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