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NAV Marks His First Arena Show with a Twitch Livestream Courtesy of eThereLIVE

Canadian musician, producer, rapper, and artist NAV had a homecoming to remember on April 11th, 2023 as he put on an absolutely stellar performance at the Scotiabank Centre in Toronto in support of his upcoming album NAV 2.

The show, also featuring RealestK, SoFaygo, and a special appearance mid-set by Travis Scott, not only amazed the capacity crowd in attendance, but also the massive crowd watching at home via a Twitch stream supplied by eThereLIVE in partnership with Toronto-based Hometeam Films Inc.

4K coverage to Universal Music Group's 3point5 Channel was provided using 9 Sony FX series cameras with a crew of 14, with full lighting and audio faciltities provided by eThereLIVE parent company, Soundbox Productions deployed across 3 tractor trailers of equipment for the 22-date national tour finale.

About eThereLIVE

eThereLIVE is the Streaming division of Soundbox located in Hamilton, ON, Canada. For over 10 years, eThereLIVE has been a one-stop-shop for all things event digital streaming in Hamilton, Niagara, the GTA, and beyond.

About NAV

NAV is a Juno nominated musician, producer, rapper, and artist. He started his career as a producer on Drake's "Back to Back" single. He is now signed to The Weeknd's record label XO Records.


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