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the best of both worlds.

Hybrid Event

Build engaging online and
in-person experiences.

eThereLIVE was launched in 2010 and quickly became a premier live streaming company.  Our parent company Soundbox has been a leader of live in-person audio visual experiences in Ontario for over 20 years. As such, we're in a unique position to provide the resources and experience needed to make your next hybrid event (an event with both virtual and live elements) a success. Start your event today!

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In Person A/V

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Broadcast Studio

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Coordinated Custom Graphics

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Platform Support & Set Up

Unified Tech Team

Unified Technical Team

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Remote Presenters

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Custom Set Design

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Extensive Inventory

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Delivery on any Platform

  • In Person A/V - Get top of the line live event production with the team at our parent company Soundbox for the in-person half of your hybrid event.

  • Platform Support & Set-Up - We take the hassle out of coordinating the virtual platform elements of your hybrid event.

  • Custom Set Design - Build the look and feel of your live-elements the way you want. Our parent company Soundbox has decades of experience bringing the visions of live events to life.

  • Broadcast Studio - Deliver the virtual elements of your hybrid event with professional quality through our state-of-the-art broadcast studio.

  • Unified Technical Team - eThereLIVE and our parent company Soundbox have worked on dozens of projects so you can rest assured that the in-person and streaming teams will have no problem staying on the same page for your event.

  • Extensive Inventory - Gear up the live and virtual elements of your event with our massive inventory of cutting-edge audio-visual equipment.

  • Coordinated Custom Graphics - Unite the creative vision of your event with custom assets built for both facets of your hybrid event.

  • Remote Presenters - Someone can’t make the in-person event? No problem! We can incorporate remote or pre-recorded presenters into your event seamlessly.

  • Delivery on Any Platform - We can meet your audience on any platform you might have in mind.

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Stryker Quote

“Soundbox was an amazing partner to execute our event. From concept through delivery, Gerben provided excellent service and creative solutions. Our virtual awards show incorporated live and pre-recorded elements all managed by the friendly and professional Soundbox production crew. The studio space at Hamilton Convention Centre elevated our event beyond the standard virtual environment, with live in person hosts and an interactive display of attendees. Our employees loved seeing each other “on the big screen” and the reactions of winners with their household. Employee engagement is at an all time high after our virtual awards and we are so grateful to Soundbox for their production expertise!”

— Laura Takahashi, Stryker


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